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What is the On Fire Matrix Home Based Business?

Mary Ann Layton


On Fire Matrix (OFM) is an exciting new home based business opportunity that provides fantastic business marketing tools (video courses and tutorials) on all kinds of areas of interest, such as marketing on Facebook, creating videos for YouTube, building a WordPress blog, setting up an Aweber autoresponder, and much more.

But would you believe that you get all this and more for ONLY $50 bucks?  And that as your team grows, and you earn more money and move up to higher levels, you get even more products for free?

You should know that On Fire Miracle will launch this Spring, and will expand into the travel industry with a full line of exclusive discount travel and vacation packages!  This is why people really need to know about OFM, and that it’s getting ready to explode onto the internet coming this Spring of 2012!  Right now it’s a ground floor business opportunity, but since November 2011, those who joined just four months ago are already earning $1,000’s from the comfort of their own homes, working at home part-time with their own home based business!

So how are they doing it?  How many people know two people who need to earn more money in their spare time?  Do you know just two people who would love to earn an extra $50 a month?  How about $100, $500, $1000, $3000, $6000 extra a month?  This is the kind of income that our OFM Dream Team is starting to earn with our own home based business!  And no, it’s not a dream… some of us are well on our way to earning $1000’s each month.  And all we did was help just two people do what we did, and then we helped those two help two more, and so on.

This would be extremely hard for one person to do from scratch and would take a very long time, wouldn’t it?  So we formed a Dream Team that not only supports our members, coaches and trains us, builds websites and blogs for us, but also helps to build our downlines with paid members (we call that spillover)!  This means we will never have to work alone at a business ever again, struggling to do the work of 10 people, because that is truly next to impossible to do!  Am I right?  Of course!

But what if the company itself placed paid members in our downline too?  That is why the On Fire Matrix business building model is so incredibly unique.  OFM has come up with an ingenious, patent pending business building model that ensures your success… the company will actually place paid members under you from other OFM teams!

Here are 7 more exciting facts about On Fire Matrix:

1.  It’s free to join!

2.  It offers 100% commissions!

3.  Upgrading is affordable for all – only a one-time payment of $65!

4.  Ability to pay with credit card, debit card or Paypal.

5.  Your upline builds your downline!  SPILLOVER

6.  Other teams build your downline!  SPILLOVER

7.  The company builds your downline!  SPILLOVER

Included in the $65 cost to upgrade is a $10 monthly fee, but that fee will come directly out of your earnings so that you won’t have to pay it again!  And the one-time payment of $50 for all the products is already an incredible deal, but would you believe that you get that $50 back once you cycle?  Yes that truly is incredible, especially when you consider that your upline will help build your downline for you!  The OFM home based business is truly affordable for everyone, and that is why you will find it easy to build your downline as well.  And especially since free members can upgrade with Paypal... doesn't everyone have a Paypal account?

At my blog, be sure to check out the incredible On Fire Matrix compensation plan… we happen to have the BEST compensation plan in this industry, which is 100% commissions!

So will you join our team now before the big launch?  Before the company sends massive spillover your way?  We would love to welcome you, to help you earn what you finally deserve to earn, and help you succeed with your own home based business.  We are doing it right now and so can you!

Join our team for free TODAY!

Mary Ann Layton

Article by:Mary Ann Layton
Article posted: 2012-03-12 14:14:27