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Branding: More Than a Picture

Marthe Dumas

More and more, branding yourself is a must if you want to succeed in online marketing.  People want to buy, make business, follow people, not website or computer.  It's now the era of social network and personnal contact.  It's even amazing it didn't happen faster then that since people have a tendancy to mistrust what or who they don't know.

That is why we see more and more people saying in chatroom, forum, etc to brand yourself by putting your picture and to let people know your real name.  That is a good start.  But branding yourself is more than a picture or a logo.  People want to know who they do business with, what kind of person they are, their personality, if they are trustworthy or not, if they know their business.

That is where the other part of branding comes up.  You must let people come into your world, give them the chance to know you.  And a picture doesn't tell that.  So, you must work on that side of branding by letting people follow you on social site like Facebook, ApSense, Twitter an other.

Forums and email give you the chance to also show your personnality, your sense of ethic and that you are professionnal by not spamming, by letting people know you in your email, by not pushing your opportunity more than anything else.

You must give access to your Skype so people can have the change to talk with you or even see you and be assure that you are a real person.

Finally, you have traffic exchange's chatroom that are a perfect place to brand yourself and let people know you while making friend, business associate, referrals and having fun.  However, that way can be desastrous if you don't have the right approach or the right attitude. Two places to learn a lot are at TrafficJam Pro and SocialSurf4U.

''Traffic Exchange Chats: for Socializing and Branding'' is a good report to help you start in the right direction and to give you hints on the right way to brand yourself.


Article by:Marthe Dumas
Article posted: 2012-03-01 10:15:07