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The Most Advanced Mailing System on the Planet!

Sergey Kobinsky

I don't know if you have seen yet, but Matthew Graves just
launched a new mailer which has the most advanced features on the
market for getting you signups and sales.

His new site is TopTierMailer and it gives you two ways to mail
members without even needing credits. In addition, you can
transfer your credits from WebBizInsider, TopTierTraffic, and
SplashPageSurfer into the system to mail even more people.

In addition, when you send your mail, we track it like no other
site on the net. We will tell you how many emails were sent,
bounced, opened and clicked. If you have multiple links in your
email, we will track everyone separately and give you the full

It also has the ability to do sequential mailings, just like the
pros. You can send follow up email to just the members who
clicked on a link in a previous mail, or just those who haven't
clicked your links. This follow up capability helps to establish
a relationship between you and your prospect.

On top of all that, it is also an excellent way to earn some
extra cash directly. Premium members receive 50% commissions on
all of their referral's purchases for LIFE! Free members receive
10%. Members have earned over $4,500 in commissions in just the
first few days.

The list of bonuses and benefits just goes on and on. The best
way to see what it can do is for you to click the link and see
the whole system. I am certain you will be blown away.

Article by:Sergey Kobinsky
Article posted: 2012-04-23 15:07:15