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The core substance

Cameron DeGale


What is it that most people want? Is it really traffic or is it money.

You come on the net and u r told that you need traffic, you need conversion in order to get money.

I am not saying it's a lie.

I know that is the case but what if i said to you that you could still make money on top of all that.

You see there are a lot of people who have a valuable idea that is worthwhile and which would put money in your pocket but you do not know about them because they do not know most of the things that you might know to get your word out there.

Welcome, that is the position i found myself in. Having a valuable idea but no tools to get it out there. I know about article marketing, safelists, traffic exchanges, email marketing.

The problem with most people in this category is they do not know how to access those places that would supply them with a nice presentable squeeze page. Do not believe that people read any more. What has become of education, we have become so switched off with information over load that once we see something so many times we numb our eyes our brains and anything else sensory.

Well if you can read and you have got this far, that is half the battle won because I am here to save you time but also to put you in the know and in possession of what we all chase on a 9-5 basis.

Your primary business really is hard cash,it is so simple that no one believes, they just think it is to good to be true. I am telling you, if you joined anything I offer you and you did not even do any activity with my system you would still make money because, the internet offers are not your primary business. they are just props that help your primary business. 

It would be silly of course to do nothing, they are there to help the primary business grow. Once that happens then we have achieved what we want , which is regular income.  You want to be rewarded for your efforts, you also want to know that your business is growing whilst you sleep and that you are also getting sizeable increase on your money.

what about earning over time, being in a system that rewards you for the length of time in that service. what about a business that allows you to get more increase on re entry.

I am not worried about, downlines and all that, with the programs that are out there, it is a lot of time in administration and i know the science of it now.

We run a manual system, you introduce people that you know and you also build a direction relationship with me. you participation will be an indicatrion of your seriousness in doing business to advance your own causes..

I use all the platforms that you know to be out there so traffic will be in abundance, you wont be short of method, neither will you be short of an effective system to secure perpetuation of your business.. Every program you join is part of a system and every system that you join feeds your primary business which is cash.

You know marriages suffer because one of the partners have no business interest. you know one of the root cause of relationship breakdown is when people start to argue over money. One of the problems in establishing a business on the internet is the way it sucks money out of you. there is first stage input and then to get further you have to second stage.

Let me tell you we are here to help cut down on outgoings, we literally become effective with the power of numbers. the more people in the system the stronger it becomes, the more you particpate again it builds strength. Your wife or partner need not worry about failure, our system is solid enough to sustain itself.

The newsletter is where the money is, this may offer you some comfort but if you want the handouts the newsletter is the place to be.


Article by:Cameron DeGale
Article posted: 2012-06-03 17:46:30