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The Truth About You and Traffic Exchanges (Part 1)

Tarnell Brown


If you are reading this article, then you are a member of a traffic exchange. I know this, because I wrote this article specifically for the article marketing component of a specific exchange. If you are seeing it somewhere else, then I apologize for the matter of fact manner in which I made the preceding statement, but it is still of value to you. Much has been made about the efficiency and worth of traffic exchanges, and much of the word has been negative. Yet, there is no shortage of these traffic exchanges running around out there in cyberspace, and they collectively have hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of members. Now, I don’t know about you, but there seems to me to be some sort of contradiction at work here. If these advertising portals are so ineffective, then why do they continue to attract such ever-growing hordes of devoted members? The simple , answer is that it is because they work, to those that know how to use them.

Before you roll your eyes and scroll away from this page, rest assured that I intend to give you a more comprehensive answer than that. I realize that the whole “they work for those that know how to use them” tract is something that you’ve heard before, and that you likely view any such statements with a great deal of skepticism. That’s okay, because, well, whatever you may have heard about or experienced with traffic exchanges, at the end of the day, I know that I’m right. Consider this; roughly 97% of all business started within any given year fail within three to five years. It’s not because 97 entrepreneurs out of 100 have bad ideas or terrible products; in fact, some of the successful three percent of businesses that succeed have terrible products and worse ideas. The reason that 97 out of 100 new enterprises fail is that 97 out of 100 business owners have no idea what the hell they are doing.

This same tragic principle applies to traffic exchanges, which, as an advertising medium, are a part of the business cycle. It is not that the exchanges don’t work; there are too many owners raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month in membership fees that attest to the exact opposite. Follow my logic here; membership bases don’t continue to grow for products that do not work. Simple, huh? So why aren’t traffic exchanges working for you? See the last sentence of the preceding paragraph and determine where you fit in that particular equation.

The problem is too many traffic exchange users, aflame with zeal for the whatever the latest program it is that they are promoting, along with its revolutionary compensation plan, throw up some generic company splash page and commence to clicking away, paying unrequited monthly autoships and gamely burning out mouse after mouse in the process, all with little to no return. I know this, because not all that long ago, that was me. You see, my friend, this is absolutely the WRONG way to utilize traffic exchanges. Stop rolling your eyes; I know you’ve heard this before. Yet, you stubbornly insist upon continuing to operate in this manner and wonder in frustration why you fail to move up the company leaderboards. Inevitably, two things are going to happen; you’re going to start posting on leaderboards why Company X is a scam and how it is slanted to those at the top and MLM sucks, and you’re going to start trashing traffic exchanges.

The issue is neither Company X or traffic exchanges. MLM and affiliate marketing work so well that such luminaries as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are involved in the medium, and traffic exchanges collectively gross tens of millions of dollars a year. What you haven’t yet realized is that your overpriced pills are really no better than any other companies overpriced pills, your comp plan is hardly revolutionary, and that no one cares. Yes, I said it. You see, in the world of online advertising, people don’t follow products, they follow brands that they know and trust. It really is not so different from offline advertising; hundreds of millions of people worldwide are loyal to such brands as McDonald’s with their horrible hamburgers.

Online, anyone can build a brand; the Internet is truly a great equalizer. What the advertiser must understand, though, is that with the vast array of substitutes and alternatives, no one really knows what Company X is about, what they do or who they are, nor do they really care.  What they want to know, the only thing they care about, is whether Company X can make them money, and improve their lot in life. If you, as the representative of company X  cannot impress this upon them, they will keep looking and jumping from opportunity to opportunity. This is where traffic exchanges become valuable; the vast majority of surfers are serial opportunity jumpers. If you can start building a relationship and convince them that you know what you are about, you can create a situation in which your opportunity is the last opportunity they jump too.

Look out for part two of this series, in which I touch upon personal branding, list building and why Google/SEO experts really hate traffic exchanges (and why this is good news for you).

Article by:Tarnell Brown
Article posted: 2012-03-01 16:10:21