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The Real Truth Behind Making Good Money 0nline.

Michaelwb Clayton


Truth Behind Marketing

The Real Truth Behind Making Good Money 0nline.

Regardless if you spend an hour or two a day online, or if you spend all day online, it's hard trying to market your products or services. You will also, over time, come to recognize that there is an upper limit to the amount of people who will sign on to your programs in any one period of time.

There is a limit to your capabilities and this is time and money. If both were unlimited, the your chance of success would be much greater.

However if you do some research, as I have done, you would find that there is a maximum number of people per week who will join your program. Let say, 100 people was the maximum amount of people you could sign to all your programs in one week. So you income is limited to the maximum amount they will pay you for joining your opportunities.

So if you were promoting a program for $1.00, the maximum you could earn will be $100. If the products or service you were selling brought in $25 a sale, them the maximum you could earn would be $2,500. This would be great, right!

But does this ever happen? No!. The sad part of this scenario is; that most people are struggling to get 5 to 10 paid sales a week. So this puts a damper on your ability to earn big money.

However what if you could earn an average of $300 per person who signed on, and you could sign 5 to 10 people a week. Now this could be the answer, as then you would have a good consistent income.

As I have found, there is a maximum number of serious people you can reach in any one week, and this is very low.

So in order to make good money; you must sell high price products or services, exceptional programs that have great appeal and many benefits. You also need to know you product and be a good salesperson, or have a great marketing web site and advertising program.

Having all this in mind, I developed an online business which would appeal to new online marketers and also to many experienced marketers wanting to build sales. The way my system build sales, is this. Most experienced marketers promote more than one product or service, and have many web pages. My system allow for all the sales or promotional pages to be promoted within a system via one main web site. This leads to multiple sign ups. As all site visitors see all the programs. The average multiple sign up being over 5 time's the average sign up's you would get to a single program.

So you could take your 5 to 10 sign ups a week to 25 to 50 a week, if you averaged 5 additional program sign up's per visitor, as I do.


I earn about $300 per person who sign on from this page. If I teach you to do the same, then you to can make a good living online too.

This system is ideal for you, provided you are dedicated to learn and market it.


Do so and you will succeed.

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Article by:Michaelwb Clayton
Article posted: 2012-11-27 05:10:19