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How to Make a Full Time Income Writing Articles

Danny Fortune

Is it possible to make a full time income by writing articles for online distribution?

You bet it is, and I will share with you the 7 step process on how to do it.

Step 1:

You have to start by producing well-written, keyword rich articles that have wide appeal to the masses. Topics like how to make money online, how to lose weight fast, how to stop smoking instantly, how to improve your credit score, or how to get your ex back will all have wide appeal and attraction for which you will have a ready audience, whereas articles on how to stop toe nail growth will not get you a wide audience to read your products.

Step 2:

Write niche articles that appeal to website owners, bloggers, online marketers, email professionals, affiliate program owners, forum owners, and ezine owners. These people will consume everything you can produce and are a ready market for you to exploit. They will snap up your well written articles for their directories, websites, blogs, and other online tools which will then link up to you and provide you with instant and targeted traffic to your site through your well written resource box narrative. Directory owners will eagerly await your well-produced articles so that they can list them on their directory for others to access. Backlinks to your site will begin to appear regularly and with increased frequency as others continually link to your site. Bloggers and website owners will want to use your articles as content on their sites. Readers will access them and take note of what they say and collect them in a swipe file.

Step 3:

Write articles that appeal to those who have a problem that they need to solve such as how to lose weight, how to stop smoking easily, how to increase a credit score, how to lower cholesterol, how to fight diabetes, or any related topic. Content is king and original content will be snapped up by people searching for an answer to their problems if they feel what you write about may assist them.

Step 4:

Write articles that are pre-emptive of special occasions and address a specific need or solve a specific problem for readers at a specific time of year. For example, write about how to please a woman on Valentine's Day or what to buy her in early to late January so that you pre-empt the special occasion and take advantage of guys seeking to please their woman on that occasion and the products that they will target to do that. Write about the products to buy for a sport's enthusiast just before the Super Bowl in February or in early November write about buying gifts to take care of the Christmas shoppers. Write articles that speak to special occasions. For example you can write an article on what to buy for Graduation Day for the graduate who has just finished high school, College, or University and the products that they could review which carry your affiliate link of course. You can write an article about what to do for someone who has just retired from the workforce and gifts to bestow on them, which, if they buy through your link will earn you a commission. Other examples of special days include Confirmation Day, Bar Mitzvah Day, Wedding Day, and even death.

Step 5:

Write articles that are pre-emptive of the seasonal changes and take advantage of the new buying mood in the economy as seasons change. For example, you can write an article about how to get the greenest lawn in town just at the end of winter when people begin thinking of spring and lawn care issues and products. You can write about the advantages of the latest snow blower just at the end of September as the season begins to change and customers begin to think about winter.

Step 6:

Write articles that speak to current events and products that could be purchased to assist with life in all contingencies. Example include 9 - 11, Katrina, Gulf Oil Spill, death of a dictator or a terrorist, the Troops overseas, or any other event that people will be searching in the search engines for information on and about.

Step 7:

Write articles that address the largest online searches for the month. Do a monthly search online and identify the largest searches that people are doing. Write articles about those searches and fill those needs, through your affiliate links of course, and you will generate significant earnings targeting these people.


Article by:Danny Fortune
Article posted: 2012-03-22 18:51:43