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How I Get Endless Leads

Blake McKibben


What Is 5 Minute Mogul?: 5 Minute Mogul is a social marketing game created by legendary social marketing guru Kimball Roundy who previously created the insanely profitable “SpiderWeb Marketing System”. With the SpiderWeb System Kimball Built a Membership Base of 550,000 Members and a Downline of more than 30,000 people in his Primary Opportunity… All in less than 18 Months. And now he’s doing it again… Only MUCH Bigger, Badder and Better than Ever!



  • Automation – automates tasks from creating capture pages to email follow ups
  • Helps you build a list of people interested in MLM/Networking
  • Creates cash for you through the sale of affiliate products
  • Provides a system you can use to manage the launch of your own products if you choose to do so


  • Anyone new to online marketing – easy step-by-step instructions are provided so you can start generating cash and leads quickly
  • Experienced marketers – start the process where you need the help. Already have a sales funnel but need traffic – then start with the SEO or social traffic courses
  • Guru’s – do you have your own product you want to launch? You can use the 5 Minute Mogul System to manage the entire project

In summary this is a very well designed and optimized system to make money using affiliate marketing and network marketing simultaneously. With 5 Minute Mogul, you can be up and running with a profitable online business in no time with the help of this cleverly designed business model.

Article by:Blake McKibben
Article posted: 2012-06-10 21:29:56