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Godwin Madukwe

The best $5 income generating opportunity for both newbie and experienced home business seeker. This is a proven and tested to work within minutes of set up. The income generating ability is unprecedented.You will learn easily how this business of $5 started me on the Road to making $35,000 a Year. This is a complete home business in a box. The process of making money online is simplified and made very easy for every home business opportunity seeker. You can now work from home conveniently and comfortably while making money and earning a living.

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First open a free Payza account if you don’t have one already using the link below. Please use the same email for opening the Payza account for your get5now account. Payza does not have limitation for listing like paypal as all countries are free to open account. Use the link below for this purpose and sign up with $5 below for your get5now personalized and replicated website.


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The cost of having this $5 Continuous Cash Dynamo is just a measly $5. There is no hosting fees, no authorship and no hidden cost whatsoever. Your earnings are dependent upon your ability to advertise. The best paid and free advertising methods that guarantees results of $100’s, $1000’s etc daily pay days is shown inside the members area. You will also be taking through a free autoresponder that will enable you fast track your earnings.

The other business opportunities that you will get as a registered member are all contained inside the member area. You now have a complete home business in a box that will change your fortune if you will follow the simple rules outlined in the member area. Your income is dependent on your ability and desire to earn as much as you can.

The lists of your benefits are stated below but not exhaustive and limited to the ones shown below:


1        Free autoresponder for your automated e-mail marketing.

2        Free e-books for you to download, sell and earn 100% commissions.

3        Paid and free advertising websites that guarantees visitors to your sites and offers.




Article by:Godwin Madukwe
Article posted: 2012-12-18 14:21:02