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Free DupliTerminator Reviewed

As the owner of a number of blogs I am always looking for ways to edit content or PLR (private label rights). I cannot comment on the upgraded version as I have only installed and used the free version of DupliTerminator.

I have been using Dupliterminator for awhile now and I have the following to report:

The major problem with free Dupliterminator is that it has to be installed on your own webhosting account. That said, the directions are easy to follow and I was able to quickly install it with Filezilla. You must follow each step exactly, I missed one of the steps regarding changing the chmods (read/write properties of the files) during the first time I installed it. I then had to delete the files and start over, so be warned.

DupliTerminator - Easy to Use

All you have to do is click on the top menu item content generator, paste your article into the left side. Their are two uniqueness settings, basic and medium. You can enter the keywords you do not want changed. Select either basic or medium content uniqueness level and then click on Create Now.

I have used both and really could not see much difference. I do not think that the generated articles are very unique, and I did not see much difference between the two content uniqueness levels of basic and medium.

There is one feature and at first glance it does not seem like much. It is the one feature that I find extremely useful and for that reason I will continue to use DupliTerminator. After you have clicked Create Now and have the spun version on the right side, you can edit it right there. That means you can look at the original content on the left as you edit your version. You don't have to flip back and forth between pages and it helps you rephrase the content in your own words. This is a fantastic feature and if you use it for nothing else, it will help you create blogs that are original and not full of grammatical errors and poor word substitutions that plague most copied or spun content.

DupliTerminator Conclusion

So there you have it, the free version of DupliTerminator is a handy tool for working with Private label articles.   I would not rely on it to create original content and to be fair the creators of DupliTerminator do not claim that their generated articles will be all that original.  In order to avoid duplicate content penalties you should do more editing and rewriting than what is done by DupliTerminator.  I usually copy the edited version of the article back to a word or office file to check grammar and spelling before uploading to my blogs.


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Article posted: 2012-02-22 14:37:16