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Expand Your Marketing Reach

Marian Gurowicz


Special CTP Token Challenge included.

Do you use banners in your marketing strategy?  Are you looking for another avenue to promote you opportunity?  There’s a new program that had a pretty quiet launch today that will both help you market your product and create an additional stream of income.  How’s that for a winning combination?

Cash in on (CIO) Banners has:

The most effective viral banner-based traffic building system, bringing thousands upon thousands of real, qualified, guaranteed visitors that click on your banners and spend time on your websites.

Combined with >>>>>

The easiest, tested, fast direct pay=out system that makes it impossible not to make money.

While you can join for free, I recommend the one time upgrade for only $10 directly paid to another member; get it back with only one referral, multiply the exposure of your banners and start getting unlimited $10 direct payments.

All you have to do is to go and check it right now: 0

Introduce it to others before they start to introduce it to you.

Absolutely no administrative fee - 100% is paid to members!  What are you waiting for?

Did you look yet?  What do you think?

I do see similarities between this and several other programs designed to market by banners.  I find the main banner page here has a much cleaner look making each of the banners stand out more.  One concern I had with banner marketing is the loss of personal branding.  I found a while ago though that you can use banner marketing as an opportunity to increase your brand as well as market your product or opportunity. 

I use AdKreator to make my splash pages.  I realized a while ago, that with just a little bit of magic, I could also use it to add my picture and name to a banner.  I haven’t changed them all yet, but I do have more than a handful of personalized banners.  Those are the ones that I am using at CIO Banners.

Here’s your CTP Token Challenge:  send me the link to your personalized banner for a CTP token  .  

Sign up for free, learn more, and you will be amazed at the power of our system!

Article by:Marian Gurowicz
Article posted: 2012-03-06 00:10:26