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Email Deliverability Tips

Todd Pease


Email Deliverability Tips

by Todd Pease of !

Ensuring requested opt-in email is delivered to subscriber inboxes is a very difficult task.  Open and click thru response rates are dramatically affected due to incorrect spam filter settings.

Conformation is the number one step in the battle for deliverability.

1. Use the "confirmed opt-in" or "verified opt-in" process to send a unique link to     the attempted subscriber.

2.  Make Sure they click that link, to verify that they are actually the same person that owns the email address, and.. requested to be subscribed.

Subscriber Addresses

When requesting website visitors to opt-in ask for their “real” or “primary” email address instead of a free email address like Yahoo or Hotmail. Free emails tend to be throw away accounts and typically have a shorter lifetime than a primary ISP address.

List Maintenance

Always promptly remove undeliverable addresses that bounce when sending email to them. An address that bounces with a permanent error 2-3 times in a 30 day period should be removed from the list. ISP’s track what percentage of your newsletters bounce and will block them if you attempt to continually deliver messages to closed subscriber mailboxes.

Message Format

Usage of HTML messages to allow for text formatting, multiple columns, images, and brand recognition is growing in popularity and is widely supported by most email client software. Most spam is also HTML formatted and thus differentiating between requested email and spam HTML messages can be difficult. A 2004 study by AWeber .com shows that plain text messages are undeliverable 1.15% of the time and HTML only messages were undeliverable 2.3%. If sending HTML it is important to always send a plain text alternative message, also called text/HTML multi-part mime format.

Article by:Todd Pease
Article posted: 2012-05-09 13:27:07