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A healthy skeptic


I was a skeptic.  When I first read that just joining Reality Networkers  would build a 5 by 6 matrix for me if I did nothing, I was skeptical.  When they said I would receive referrals from spillover if I did nothing, I was skeptical.  When they said it would take only two weeks to qualify for lifetime commission income, I was skeptical.  I’ve been involved in other MLM groups that said the same things but never delivered.  Maybe you have too.


Well, I was wrong to be skeptical here.  In less than four weeks I have thirty-six referrals and over 600 people in my downline.  I’ve confirmed my position with a one-time payment of $25.00 and I’ve received lots of help from the upline and the website.  Not only has the program worked for me, it has surpassed my expectations almost every day.


I’ve been using the free ad copy, headlines and landing pages to increase my own success and the success of those in my downline.  I use free credit mailers on free safelists to compound my success and build my downline and commission base faster.  I learned the techniques from the “Step by step guide” page on the website.  Using only landing page #6 and rotating through three different headlines I have begun producing at least one new referral every day.  The spillover from our upline adds many new downline members every day (more than 20 a day on average).


I just wanted to share my experience with you.  I’m looking forward to the time that I can take this large, active matrix into different money-making programs to create the multiple income streams that are now enjoyed by people who have been in the program for longer than I.


I hope that you will join and confirm your membership. You can make the money necessary for your $25.00 payment or you can borrow the funds by following the links on the Member’s Page on the main website.  I’m living proof that this small investment will earn you a great return.  Here’s to your success.


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Article posted: 2012-02-23 10:39:43