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9 Proven Tips To Writing Attention Grabbing Emails

LaTease Rikard


One of the most stressful things in internet marketing is writing a high converting text ad.  Whether that ad is for safelist advertising, ezine advertising or Google Adwords, it is a challenge to put together the right words that will bring monetary success.

We all want the money to flow endlessly from our computers, but we don't know how.  Here is a quick tutorial on writing ads that say Bling Bling!

The first thing you will want to do is write headlines that grab attention.  In order to do this, there are some simple rules to follow.  Be unique in what you say to the reader.  No one wants to open your email if you are merely regurgitating what everyone else has already said.  Be informative.  A classic headline will make the reader curious and want to open that email to find out more information.  Offer benefit.  Your readers are always looking for WIIFM (What's In It For Me?).  If you can answer this question seamlessly, then you have won half the battle.

Here are 9 Tips to writing those attention grabbing emails:

1.       Make your subject lines 50 characters or less in the headline(including spaces).

2.       Avoid Spam Words in the headline--words like 'free,' 'guarantee,' and 'buy now.'

3.       Use 7 words or less in the headline

4.       People like numbers, in market research tests recently, the number '9' when used in email marketing campaigns, showed these emails were opened more often than any other number. (Source HubSpot Marketing)

5.       Use power words, words with emotions tied to them.  Pain, pleasure or the loss of something significant.  Make your messages emotion based.

6.       Show your reader, don't tell them.  Speak as if your reader has already taken the action you desire of them.  Always assume the close and speak in an active voice.

7.       Lead them along with your message.  Your email message should tell a story the reader is more than happy to read.

8.       Write a story that paints a picture--this is how you can draw them into the essence of your message.

9.       Try out 40-50 different headlines for your email message.  Keep them, don't discard them.  Constantly perfect and tweak them and you will never have to write another headline again.

If you are writing sales pages or landing pages, I've got some other techniques for you to keep sales coming and your inbox humming.  The next article will share some of the finer points of creating copy for landing pages that are designed to keep your bank account full and your customers begging for more.





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Article by:LaTease Rikard
Article posted: 2012-03-18 01:29:42